Christopher Jimenez

Recruitment Consultant

Christopher is a seasoned professional in life science staffing, boasting a career that spans back to 2020. With a knack for versatility, he effortlessly navigated through various verticals, donning multiple hats and carving out success along the way. However, it was in specializing as a subject matter expert within the biometrics, medical writing, and quality domains across all therapeutic areas where Christopher truly found his stride.

Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to fostering trust among candidates and clients alike, Christopher has built a reputation for excellence within the life science industry. His extensive network encompasses a wide array of specialties, ranging from clinical data management and programming to biostatistics, medical communication, and quality assurance.

Christopher's values seamlessly align with CPL's overarching mission to transcend mere consultancy, striving instead to give back to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. He shares a commitment to providing professionals with insights into the complexities and solutions that shape the evolving landscape of life sciences.

A proud graduate of Salem State University, Christopher earned his B.S. in Marketing with a minor in Psychology, while also leaving a lasting mark as a distinguished member and captain of the university's soccer program. His leadership extended beyond the field as he revitalized the dormant chapter of the American Marketing Association (SSU), showcasing his innate ability to drive positive change within his community.

On a personal note, Christopher finds solace in the great outdoors, cherishing moments spent staying active and embracing the beauty of nature.