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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions​


1. How can Cpl help me with my next career move?

If you're looking for your next career opportunity, or considering changing career path there are several benefits of talking to Cpl Total Talent Solutions. You will work with a specialist consultant who understands your industry. They'll discuss your requirements with you and match you to roles that suit your skills and qualifications. You'll also get the benefit of your consultant's guidance and support throughout the job search process, from giving you advice on your CV and cover letter to preparing you for interviews. This can be particularly helpful if you are new to the job market, need a refresher on interview techniques, or are returning to the job market after a career break.

Ultimately, your consultant will save you a great deal of time and effort! They work hard behind the scene and also have access to a wide range of job opportunities that may not be advertised publicly. Instead of spending hours searching for job vacancies, your consultant does the hard work for you, leaving you free to focus on preparing for interviews and other aspects of your job search.

2. We have a complex talent acquisition strategy and we'd like to work with a talent partner that can support all of our hiring needs. Can Cpl help?

Yes! Cpl UK provides specialist talent and staffing solutions for healthcare, life sciences, and technology sectors. We are part of Cpl Resources Plc. one of the largest talent and staffing businesses in Europe. Cpl Resources UK was recently acquired by OUTSOURCING Inc, a Tokyo headquartered publicly listed organisation, which has opened up a much broader delivery capability to our clients, where combined we now have access to a global sourcing and delivery network of 250+ sister companies, across 39 countries, spanning six continents. You can find out more about all our services here.

3. I've never attended a competency based interview, can Cpl offer me any interview tips or techniques?

To help you master a competency based interview, we have produced some guidance, it also includes examples of the types of competency questions you could be asked. You can read our guide to competency interviews here. ​

Life Sciences Recruitment

1. Can you offer any advice on starting a career in pharma?

If you're at a cross roads and you're not sure which career route to take, we have produced some useful tips and guidance on choosing a career in pharma. You can read it here.

2. We're a small biotech and need to scale at pace. We need to hire six people over the next 8 months, can Cpl Life Sciences help?

Yes, our Embedded Talent Solution is designed to support multiple-hires over a specific period of time. It offers you the flexibility you need, at a competitive, fixed fee.

3. We're a medical device company based in the UK and want to expand into Europe. We're planning to open an office in Switzerland later this year. Can you help us with both our UK and Swiss hiring needs?

Whether you need skilled life science professionals for the UK or Switzerland, our team can help. You can find out more about our services and where we work here.

4. Can you offer advice on the most competitive salary/package to offer to attract the best life sciences talent?

When you work with us, your consultant will be able to brief you on salary and compensation packages within the life sciences labour market. We publish the industry's most comprehensive life sciences salary guide, so our consultants have their finger on the pulse of the latest industry benchmarks for remuneration and will be able to advise you on the most competitive option for the role.

5. I have spent my career to date working in academia and also in the NHS. Is it possible for me to transition to work within the pharmaceutical industry?

A career within the Pharmaceutical Industry is a fantastic career pathway for experienced medics wanting to operate in either a more commercial environment or to impact on wider patient populations at the cutting edge of medicine. Pharmaceutical companies look closely at a candidate's record of employment over the most recent 2-3 years and generally require a minimum of 4 years post graduate experience. You can read more about transitioning into the pharmaceutical industry here.

Healthcare Recruitment

​1. I currently have a permanent role within healthcare but I'm considering becoming a locum. Can Cpl Healthcare help?

Our delivery capability covers both locum and permanent healthcare recruitment. Our experienced consultants will work with you to qualifying your specific requirements. We aim to relieve you of the time-consuming aspects of changing job, freeing up your precious time.

2. How can I be sure I'll be placed with a reputable and compliant healthcare provider?

We have been awarded a place on the National Clinical Staffing Framework for the NHS, Crown Commercial Service Supplier which gives our clients peace of mind that they are dealing with a quality organisation which is audited on a regular basis, adhering to strict compliance criteria. We are also on the H.T.E framework as well as several vendor preferred supplier lists.

3. We're a healthcare provider and need to maintain high standards with the healthcare professionals that work for us. Can you help?

All our candidates complete an extensive registration process to determine their suitability and qualifications to ensure that they are fully qualified and compliant to work in the UK. You can be assured that we only put forward the highest calibre compliant candidates. We provide a dedicated support service to all of our locums. This ensures that all issues surrounding accommodation, finance and the practical details of moving location are dealt with efficiently before they begin their position - leaving everyone to concentrate on their work.

Technology Recruitment

​1. I need to hire several temp and perm tech roles over the next year. How can Cpl Technology help us?

Our Talent Management service is perfect for multi-hire, if you need to fill 10-20 tech roles in a year, with a mix of contract and permanent vacancies. You benefit from a having a tech talent partner that works on building a talent pool and pipeline on your behalf. We commit dedicated resources and time to ensure delivery.

To find out more about our total talent solutions, contact us today at, or call our team to discuss your talent and staffing needs on 0118 959 4990.