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The Future of Artificial Intelligence on the Biotechnology Industry

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Cpl Life Sciences CEO, Yvette Cleland, attended and ran a workshop at the 2023 Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit. In this article, Yvette reflects on the Summit and what the future of artificial intelligence means for the biotech industry.

​The biotech industry has been revolutionized by the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI has the potential to transform the way we approach drug discovery, clinical trials, but most importantly patient care. Attending the Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit on the 4th of June was an exceptional opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in this field.

It was a personal privilege, once again, to be invited to both attend and take part in this Summit by event organizers Soheila and Shahin Gharakhanian, whose passion in bringing together such an eminent group of professionals within their field always delivers such a great conference. 

The biotech industry is rapidly evolving, and AI is playing a significant role in this transformation. AI technology has the potential to revolutionize drug discovery, clinical trials, and patient care. This conference provided an excellent opportunity to find out about the latest developments in collaboration and AI. Professor Pentelute, of MIT, Dr. Jonathan Sidi, Sage and Dr. Mark Chang brought this to life with their insights and expertise. 

AI is already revolutionizing how new drug targets are identified and predicting efficacy of potential drugs. In a post Covid world, we are already seeing how AI technology has optimized clinical trials. However, it should never to be forgotten that patients must be at the heart of this new technology. Improving patient care using personalized medicine treatment plans and predicting disease progression to achieve better outcomes for all patients should make a significant impact.

With all these advancements, we are also seeing the need for new skills and competency development. In an already skill short market, as science advances, so do the challenges of identifying the range and volume of talent required in this space. Science is, of course, going through a revolution. With the help of AI, we can develop new drugs, optimize clinical trials, and provide personalized treatment plans for patients.

AI has the potential to bring significant benefits to the biotech industry, but it also raises important regulatory issues that need to be addressed. Appropriate regulation is essential to ensure AI-based products and services are safe, effective, and fair. The patient as always and their safety must be at the heart of all we do. Thank you to Soheila and Shahin, Claude Bertrand for sharing his career wisdom, all speakers, and the organizing committee for such an interesting and worthwhile day.

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